Beecher Real Estate

About Phil Beecher

Very early in my professional life I developed a passion for people and real estate. I’m driven by building lasting professional relationships with my clients, and thereby helping them in their pursuit of happiness, and security, as it relates to their real estate investments. I was very fortunate to have worked with the legendary realtor, the late Ping Cheung from 2002 to 2008. He mentored me and shared valuable teachings about the real estate arena, sparking a passion for income properties.

I truly believe for many reasons in many cases, income properties are the best route for my clients to take.  With a good location, numbers, bones and, appreciation, the tenants pay off my clients expenses; it’s a recession proof investment that often pays back better than traditional investing and creates an extra stream of income. I love teaching my clients how to do it, helping them to make this work and finding them the right place.

I sat on the Board of Directors for the Candy Factory Lofts. I am involved in many community projects like Meals on Wheels with St. Christophers House and support Habitat for Humanity. I have helped clients profitably buy and sell real estate in the GTA for over 10 years. I specialize in income properties, as well as unique lofts/condos and single family homes, as far west as Mississauga and Oakville, to as far east as Whitby.

Personally I have excelled at elite-level competitive swimming, water polo and volleyball. I enjoy travel, fitness, and helping people in my spare time.

Give me a call @ 416.400.9117 to discover more how I will help you with all your real estate needs, as I have many others..